Oxford City FC players talk Velocity!And how it’s changing lives for the better 

Velocity Football is a programme which combines full-time training with education and opportunity writes Izzy Fuller.   

And it’s work to provide a clear career pathway to males and females with a passion to fulfil a career in sport has been endorsed by two of Oxford City FC’s star players.  

Zac McEachran and Lewis Coyle say Velocity Football is changing lives for the better.    

Lewis a midfielder for the Hoops and has been playing football since he turned five. Despite his passion for the game, he left school uncertain on what career route to pursue.  

Lewis said: “Apprenticeships were few and far between when leaving school, let alone a programme like Velocity – I would’ve grabbed that opportunity straight away!”.   

For Lewis, everything worked out well in the end. As well as playing semi-professionally with Oxford City FC, he also runs his own construction business.    

He added: “Velocity is beneficial for not only young people, but also our teams.” 

“It gives the youngsters opportunities to climb the ladder in football, while gaining a qualification – an opportunity that was never around when I was growing up. Players like Latrell Humphrey-Ewers who started off in Velocity and have made their way up to the first team, it benefits us too as a team. The younger generation bring in a new and passionate energy, with different perspectives on the game.” 

“I wish Velocity was about when I was younger, it really encourages the passion surrounding football that can sometimes fade as you grow older and gain other responsibilities.” 

Partner on the pitch, Zac McEachran, has been playing football all his life. Zac started his football journey with Oxford City at 17, but later left to gain experience with other clubs before making his way back home where he has been with Oxford City FC ever since.   

He’s been in the Alternative Provision (AP) field for the last nine years and previously worked as a teaching assistant at Woodeaton Manor School. After wanting a change, Zac joined the alternative provision Velocity team in September and has been a great addition. 

He said: “Velocity is very beneficial to students because football is far bigger than what you see on the pitch.” 

“Offering it specifically to alternative provision students who enjoy football but found mainstream school difficult is changing their lives and helping them develop great social skills, manners and behaviours, whilst doing what they enjoy and receiving education in a more suitable environment.” 

Zac also discussed playing with Velocity students who have been given the opportunity to be a part of the first team squad.  

He added: “Velocity is all about opportunity, the opportunity to move up the ladder, the opportunity to create new relationships and new dynamics between people as well as the opportunity to learn whilst being involved in a sport you love!” 

“For AP students, opportunities stand the same, but with the addition of being taught how to behave in social situations- a skill not necessarily presented in mainline schools. As a result, confidence is boosted on and off the pitch, and the students are more willing to gain and prove independence- unlike mainstream education settings.”  

Our Velocity Football programme changes lives, if you’re interested in applying for the next academic year click the link below:   

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