Velocity culture

At Velocity we believe that for students to learn and flourish they need to be in a supportive environment.

To enable our students to thrive we adopt the following principles:

  • Players always must feel safe and valued at Velocity¬†
  • Everyone must always be treated equally and fairly
  • An environment based on positivity learning to ensure students grow as players and individuals
  • Staff must listen to students and value their opinions
  • Students need to feel empowered by what they do in training and in games, knowing help from staff is of value and can make a difference
  • Respect must be shown to all
  • Students to be encouraged to take risks and to feel free to make mistakes
  • Students accepted for who they are with coaching staff understanding that each person is unique.
  • Players must have the freedom to express themselves without fear of failure in our games programme, with positive influences from all members of staff

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