Enhancing player development with 360Player technology

Ensuring every student reaches their potential is at the heart of Velocity Football.

It is a philosophy that is matched by our new technology partner 360Player, an all-in-one digital platform that enables teams, clubs, and organisations to enhance player development.

360Player is used globally in countries including America, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. The platform is brand new to the UK Market and compatible with all digital devices and provides clubs at all levels with the tools required to communicate quickly, plan training sessions, log statistics, produce and edit video clips, and update team administration.

The platform has already made a positive difference to our students and coaches by helping create a stronger learning experience that fuels player development.

We caught up with the 360Player team to discover more about the platform’s capabilities and why more clubs in the UK are maximising the powerful online tool.

State of the art

360Player was first introduced to the UK in July 2020, six years after the firm was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by Mats Kraitsik, Alexander Kraitsik, and Per Mattsson.

The player development platform is now a key part of many professional, semi-professional, and amateur clubs.

“We pride ourselves on developing state of the art tools based on facts and scientific research to empower players and coaches to reach their maximum potential,” said Nick, 360Player UK Area Manager.  

“The modern-day coach has so many tasks to fulfil both on and off the field, it is 360Player’s goal to make the lives of coaches and players as easy and stress-free as possible. 

“The player should be the centre of their own development so we’ve tried to surround the player with all aspects of our platform to enhance their development both on and off the training field.  This means everyone involved in a player’s development phase from the sports scientists to the coaches, parents, and carers are all included.”

Effective communication

360Player works by allowing everyone associated with an organisation to connect via one portal that hosts all aspects of a group’s identity.

In Velocity Football’s case, this means everyone involved in our programmes from our director Justin Merritt to our tutors, coaches, students and their parents or carers can communicate via one platform.

Our ability to communicate key messages instantly via 360Player means weekly tasks including training sessions, matchday preparation, and classroom activities can be arranged and registered for all to see efficiently.  

Nick added: “Communication is one of 360Player’s most powerful tools. Each student at Velocity Football has been provided with their own profile so they can instantly access their calendar, message board, video clips, and training programme. 

“Our platform allows development to continue remotely which has been invalubable to our clubs in the UK that have adopted 360Player. We help create dialogue between coaches, tutors, and their students, and consequently develops students’ ability via the latest digital technology.”

Planning made easy

Training sessions at Velocity Football can also be planned efficiently by our team of UEFA A and B License coaches through 360Player’s training hub.

The hub allows coaches to store training sessions and assign tasks to any individual or group they wish. The sessions can then be viewed in the calendar by students so they can prepare for the day’s activities in advance.

Nick added: “Sharing methodology with new members of staff is always a challenge for any organisation. Our training library allows organisations to create their own content, therefore supporting all their staff by providing great sessions in line with the club’s philosophy.

“A new coach cannot be expected to know a team’s way of delivering sessions immediately with no previous knowledge. What 360Player does is allow clubs to store sessions digitally so new coaches can quickly adapt to key philosophies a club has already established.

“Our training hub not only allows coaches to drag sessions into students’ calendars so they are aware of what to prepare for ahead of their day, but also to take inspiration from other content via hundreds of bespoke training drills.”

Maximising data

Included in Velocity Football’s 360Player package is the ability for coaches to identify students’ strong and weak points in certain playing positions via a unique algorithm that was developed following a scientific study of over 15,000 players.

By extracting data, students can focus on the key areas of their game that require improvement for the position they play.

This might mean a full-back is encouraged to focus more on crossing or sprint speeds, should the data 360Player produces point towards an area that needs develoment.

Nick added: “We see Velocity Football understands the true value of 360Player. Our work bubbles down to allowing an organisation to communicate and support players with all aspects of their development and wellbeing, providing content for staff to support their day-to-day tasks, and saving time through our efficient network located inside 360Player.

“All coaches enjoy being able to constructively feedback to their players so they can develop their performance, which is what Velocity Football is all about – ensuring students achieve their full potential.”

Coach’s perspective

So, what do our tutors and coaches think of 360Player?

Lauren Haynes, head coach of our female programme, has used the platform to aid remote development while students have spent part of their education with Velocity Football studying from home. 

She said: “We have a calendar within 360Player we use to manage all of our students’ studies. We can share elements within the Velocity programme like nutrition and wellbeing to aid player development too.

“A key part of the platform for me is being able to tailor sessions to individual students by sending them drills that they can perform and log results remotely. 360Player provides students with a platform to excel as a student-athlete and closely monitor progression both on and off the field via their own profile.”

Velocity Football director Justin Merritt added: “We are excited about the capabilities of 360Player’s state-of-the-art digital technology that provides everyone under the Velocity umberella with a platform that can ensure our day-to-day operations at Oxford City FC are smooth and consistent.

“Not only is 360Player a valuable tool for our staff, but also our students too. Their entire programme at Velocity can be managed in one convenient location that takes the stress out of monitoring individuals’ progress and allows us to engage with their development on a personal level.”

Technological shift

Nick believes the introduction of the platform could be the biggest technological change in recent years, previously unaffordable and unavailable to clubs below elite level.

The introduction of VAR and sport-science to the professional game may have shaped the way the modern-day game is played, but 360Player can shape how clubs support player development with the aid of technology, which is affordable for all players and clubs at every level.

“360Player allows all coaches, players, parents, and directors to communicate instantly via instant messaging and notifications,” he said.

“Coaches are always looking for ideas, and our coaching library has endless session plans and exercises that can benefit the experiences of Velocity Football students by streamlining the service coaches are able to provide.

“We’re removing the pen and paper and providing an affordable, digital, and time-saving alternative to the touchline that monitors all aspects of a student’s development.

“We are thrilled to be working with Velocity Football and look forward to learning more about the development of the programme’s students in the years to come.”

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